Saturday, 13 July 2013


There was the time when there were very few programming languages in the market and so was usage of them. As the development in the field of technology, communication and computer science, the need for more simpler, more user friendly and having more application has increased over the time. And now, the market is flooded with the number of programming languages. Every language overpowers other in some specific field and some has very large field of application and are used in many other works.

 So, some of the most useful programming languages and their use in various aspects are described below.

1. Objective-C
    It is a object oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. It is the main programming language used by apple computers to built application for iOS and OS X operating systems.
Objective C was developed in 1980s and was selected as the main language language by the Steve Jobs company NeXT for their operating system and from which present iOS and OS X are derived.
It is thin layer over the original C language and it possible to compile a C language in the objective C compiler or a using a complete C programming as a class for a objective-C program.

2. Java
   Java was developed by the sun microsystems. It is most widely used programming language and is currently used in many forms like as mobile operating system, mobile applications, android application, many software and web applications.
Java is unique in its working and is first of its type and now many programming are developed to run on java virtual machine, which act as a virtual machine to run compiled java programs. After compilation of a java program , program is converted into java bytecode which is understandable only by the java virtual machine(JVM). There are many compilers and interpreters which use JVM to run the code e.g. JRUBY (Ruby interpreter), JYTHON ( python interpreter ).

3. Python
   Python is a interpreted language, which translates every single line of code one by one unlike java or C or objective-C which are compiled language, they tranlates the code to machine language in one go. The main objective of using python is the code readability. It is also a object oriented programming like other two listed so far.Python is mostly used to make programs which are cross-platform.
Application made by python run of JVM and thus does not depend on the operating system, so they can be executed on any operating system.
Python is very strict of identation, program made in python have to identated otherwise it will cause execution error even code is correct.

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