Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fake Password(or pin) for the Hide it Pro (Audio Manager)

Hide it Pro or Audio Manager provides the feature of the fake password. Consider a situation, where someone caught you hiding something in the audio manager and ask you about it, now what you gonna do? In such situations, the need for a fake password emerges.

Whenever you enter this fake password the vault of the audio manager will open, but it will show every folder empty. That means you can open the vault for anybody, without showing the content of it. Default password for it is 8888 , but it is wise to keep a more obvious password, maybe reverse of the main password.

If you wish to set up your own fake password follow the following steps.

!. Enter the vault of the audio manager, by entering your main password.

2. Select settings > Login Settings > Fake Pin.

Inside of the fake pin you can customize your own fake pin or password and give your content another wall of safety. 

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  1. thanks alot, i was getting stressed, but your trick worked, i had to reinstall it to work, i downloaded it from app worked perfectly, didn't face any problem