Thursday, 27 December 2012

How to change the password of computer even at log on screen and hence by pass the password.

There are various methods of hacking around the world developed by developers. These methods are sometimes applicable in all systems while some of the methods are for specific systems only.
Therefore another step of hacking is dependent of a very simple concept. When we press shift key for 5-6 times continuiosly then sticky key comes up. So this process of hacking involves changing that sticky key window with the command prompt and then change the password of the computer by following the process I explained in my last post
Now the only thing you have to do is to change the sticky key into the command prompt in the log on screen. But in order to change it you should had used the computer before and do the trick so that you can easily by pass the log on screen by removing/changing the password. So for this hack to happen you must had used the computer before.
So you should perform the following steps as follows.
1. Go to windows and then system32.
2. Find the file named cmd.exe
3. Copy this file to desktop and rename it to sethc.exe
4. If it show some kind of error then u should gain the full control of the file through the security tab of properties, to do it follow these sub steps.
     (a). Right click on the file and then click properties.
     (b). Switch to security tab then click on advanced and then gain full control of the file by changing the permissions of the file and make it to administrator control.
5. Then copy the file to the system32 and see the magic.
And now when you tab shift several times you will find command prompt opening up even at log on screen.
And now after opening the command prompt you can easily change the password of the computer.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Changing the password of the computer without knowing the previous password i.e. hacking the password

Hacking has always been the most interesting topic among the people. There are various ways to hack a pc, some of them are easy and don't include any high level programming while some of the methods include coding and high level stuff which many people don't understand. One of the most easiest way to hack a pc is through command prompt.

Hacking a pc by command prompt

Following steps should be taken in order to hack any windows pc.

1. Open run from the start menu.

2. Type "cmd" in the dialog box.

3. A window will open with dark background. Type "net user" and then press enter.

4. A list of all the users will show up. Identify the user whose password u would like to change. Let try to change the password of the administrator.

5. Then type "net user administrator *" .

6. Then window will ask u to type the new password and then press enter and it will ask for the confirmation to re-type the password. Re-type the password and press enter. Your password will be changed.

There are other ways to pass the requirement of the password that i will tell in the next post. Till then enjoy.

View Files hidden by hide it pro without entering the password

Hide it pro is the android app which lets you to hide stuff like pictures, videos, musics. It is very popular app in google play. The best thing about this app is,  it never let other people know that you have hide something in your mobile. The app will be named as audio manager and can also be used to adjust the audios of various application of the system.

But this app also have lapses. You can easily know what have hidden in its audio manager without even entering the password, even if anybody know how to view the stuff without entering the password there is also a way to counter this and i will come back on it afterwords.

Now to view the files hidden in audio manager, take following steps

1. Firstly, make the hidden files visible by going in the file explorer and making the hidden files visible.

2. Then go the folder named "program data" and then click on "android". Inside the android folder open the folder named "language".

3. Inside the language folder there will be many folders open the folder ".fr" and inside will be the whole treasure you were looking for.

Now, now assume that other people also know about it, then you are screwed. But Audio Manager gives you another option to ensure that your stuff is still safe, even if someone has reached that folder with accident or by intention.

To protect the content you can, even from that folder in the file system, you can rename the files from the Audio Manager app. And now if you open that folder( discribed earlier ), then you can see that files with their new name but without the extension of the file, so that if you tend to open the file from that folder, android system will show the dialog "File not supported" .

However, If you wish to open those from that folder, all you have to do is to rename the file from the file explorer and add the corresponding extension of the file like .mp4 for the files in the video folder and .png or .jpeg for the files in the pictures folder and .mp3 for the files in the music folder or any other depending on the type of the file.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

People always make u feel that u r right and then try to make use of u. they can do anything just to use u and will never come back to you even when u have helped them in their most difficult times and they will always turn their back towards u,

So now the question arises whom to trust?

Trust is what a person finds most difficult to have upon anyone in their difficult times. In such condition person should trust only their parents or the person who have really helped them without any purpose and done something for u without his/her own intrest.