Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How to copy hidden files in hide it pro to computer

In order to copy hidden files in hide it pro to a computer, you need to have following things.
1. adb
    In linux,  you can install adb by typing

    $ sudo apt-get install andoid-tools-adb

    In window you can simply download adb.

2. Computer
3. Android device with hide it pro application.

Before connecting your android phone to the computer enable USB debugging from the developers options in the settings. If developer options donot appear in the settings menu, then go to "About Phone" in the setting and tap on "model no." 5 times. Then developer options will appear in the settings. Now connect your device to the computer.

In windows, when you run adb, command prompt will appear and in linux you can open terminal to do following steps.

$ adb shell
$ adb pull
$ adb pull sdcard/ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr ./

Now, all the content of your hide it pro will be copied to your current directory.

If you want to copy something to hide it pro, from your computer. Then use following command in place of last command

$ adb push file.png sdcard/ProgramData/Android/Language/.fr