Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to send files from android to an iOS device(iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) without jailbreak using wifi (no internet required)

I have tested this method on samsung galaxy s3 running jellybean 4.1.2 and ipad mini(retina) running iOS 7.0.4. For sending running files from android, you need to have "Fast File Transfer", it's available on Play Store for free, and for better experience you can download Documents from App Store for free, again. So, this method is completely free of cost, unlike other methods which invloves jailbreaking your device and then buy some app from cydia. Before moving any further, let me tell you this method does not work the other way wiz. sending files from iOS to android. So, that being said let's move on to some real stuff. 

This app uses a very clever way of sending data between two devices, what it does is that it makes a server of your android device and share selected files in that, thus when you connect to it using hostspot, you are actually accessing that server like you do when you connect to any website and you can download data from it, same way you do from any other site.

1. Firstly click on share button on your android device and select fast file transfer. 

2. Now, turn on wifi on iOS and connect to hostspot, made by fast file transfer on android. 

3. After connecting to the hostpost, the file transfer will show some ip address and port. Open the browser in your iOS device and type that address and port into it, exactly as shown by the app in the android. 

4. The file which was sent, will open up in the browser. 

The whole question which remains now, is how to save that file which is opened in the browser. There are many ways to perform that, some of them are listed below. 

1. If file send was pdf, ppt, doc or some other document file, then you can use safari browser and save the file in the reading list. 

2. If the file is pdf, the easiest way is to use the chrome browser and double tap on the window, the "open in" will appear at the bottom of the screen, top on it and choose Adobe Reader, it will be saved in Adobe Reader. 

3. Other method involes using browser in Documents app. Enter that ip address in this browser, it have the download option, which can download any type of file like png, jpeg, pdf, doc, ppt, xml etc. So this is most desirable way as it can be implements for all types of file. (you may have to sent the file twice in order to download it from Documents app). 

4. Best method is to download tdownloader, either of paid or free version and when you enter the IP address in the embedded browser in the tdowloader, it will give the prompt to either download the file or to play it. This is method is best suited when you are sending media file, for other types of file above method is more appropriate.

There may others ways also, which can be better than these for downloading files from the browser. So, if anyone can come up with a better way of doing it, feel free to comment