Monday, 24 December 2012

Changing the password of the computer without knowing the previous password i.e. hacking the password

Hacking has always been the most interesting topic among the people. There are various ways to hack a pc, some of them are easy and don't include any high level programming while some of the methods include coding and high level stuff which many people don't understand. One of the most easiest way to hack a pc is through command prompt.

Hacking a pc by command prompt

Following steps should be taken in order to hack any windows pc.

1. Open run from the start menu.

2. Type "cmd" in the dialog box.

3. A window will open with dark background. Type "net user" and then press enter.

4. A list of all the users will show up. Identify the user whose password u would like to change. Let try to change the password of the administrator.

5. Then type "net user administrator *" .

6. Then window will ask u to type the new password and then press enter and it will ask for the confirmation to re-type the password. Re-type the password and press enter. Your password will be changed.

There are other ways to pass the requirement of the password that i will tell in the next post. Till then enjoy.

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