Monday, 20 May 2013

How to hack windows password

There are various ways out there, by which we can hack the windows password. In windows, after the windows NT, mircrosoft have changed the way of security for the windows password. Now the password is  stored in a file in the registry, which can easily be accessed by the user but cannot be opened. The password is stored in a file named SAM.

The file is present in following directory.
As you can see the file named SAM is present which have password for all users.
When we try to open this file, it will show a message and it won't open.

Now, in order to hack the password we just need to replace this file by some other file which can easily achieved by running some other OS in the system and replace this file from the SAM file of some other computer. The other OS which can be used are quite a long list, anyway we'll use ubuntu.
Follow the following steps

1. Copy the SAM file of some computer in removable storage like pendrive or flash drive.
2. Make bootable pendrive or disk of ubuntu by using any software.
3. Insert the bootable in the computer to be hacked and boot the OS(you may need to change the boot order of the machine from the BIOS of the system).
4. Now choose try ubuntu and then it will boot up.
5. Open the directory in which SAM file is present and delete that and now copy the file taken from other computer in place of the file.
6. shutdown and restart the computer.

Now when you boot the windows, the user name from other computer will appear and password will be of the other computer. And now you can easily access the system without the use of old password.

You can use any other OS in place of ubuntu. I have used ubuntu beacuse its free and easily avaliable.

Hope it works for you, feel free to comment below if you encounter any problem.

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