Friday, 31 January 2014

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Wi-fi connected but internet is not working, proxy server

This is a problem with apple devices that when we connect them to proxy server, it gets connected but even then the internet or the app store does not work. It happens because the proxy server you are trying to connect with doesnot give all the settings required by the device to run but android devices manages to run in that settings. So, the most easiest way to resolve it is to complete them manually.

When you connect to network, click on the small arrow right next to it, then certain options will appear.

You will see that, some of the entries will be filled like ip address etc... and at the bottom, you must have added your proxy and port.

When this is done, few of the entries would be still empty like DNS etc..
Now enter Search domain as 8888 and entry below it i.e. Client ID as gdr.local

Now press the back button and now you will notice the wifi symbol on the notification bar and now your net and appstore will work, but mail app will not because the proxy we have added is http and mail uses different services like pop3 etc..

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