Friday, 10 January 2014

How to run all video formats(mkv, avi, flv, mp4, 3gp, wmp, rmvb) on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Apple doesnot allow to run video formats other than mp4, but however they allow developers to make the codecs for other formats to run on iOS. There are various apps around that can run various video formats like flv, mkv, avi and many other, some of them are free. The best free app is vlc for iOS, it support iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Vlc is still one of the best video player around.

Steps to run all video formats on iOS are

1. Go to Appstore and search for "vlc for iOS" and download it.

2. After downloading it connect you iOS device to the computer running iTunes.

3. Go select your device from iTunes and move the Apps tab.

4. Now scroll down and where you see apps, and vlc will be mentioned there.

5. Select the vlc and click on "Add" button and choose the video you want to add to it.

6. Now disconnect your device and open the vlc for iOS app on your device and you will all the videos, you added there.

Unfortunately it have some bugs. I came through only one of them, when you open .flv video files audio for that video donot play at once, you have to play it again to listen to audio.

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