Saturday, 17 January 2015

How to run tor on entire computer using proxychains and polipo

For running tor on the entire system, follow following steps.

1. Firstly download proxychains $ sudo apt-get install proxychains

2. Now, configure proxychains
     $ sudo nano /etc/proxychains.config
3. The bottom of the file replace "socks4" with "socks5" and "9050" with "9150" without "".

4. Now connect tor and remove the system proxy.

5. Install polipo
   $ sudo proxychains apt-get install polipo

6. Polipo will be downloaded using tor network and now configure polipo.

7.  $ sudo nano /etc/polipo/config 

Add following lines to end of the file.

socksParentProxy = localhost:9050

8. $ sudo service polipo restart

9. After all this is done change your system proxy to and port 8123. If any application requires proxy supply this proxy.

10. After everything is setup, now you can download from terminal without using proxychains again and again, just type $ sudo apt-get install <package>

So, these were the steps to run tor on the entire linux machine.


  1. didn't work dude.. correct the post!!

  2. Hey, I have to use proxy already (college internet). How to configure in my case? Also, how to configure this for windows? I have both actually, windows and Ubuntu.